Available now on OCULUS RIFT + OCULUS GO + GEAR VR

Narrated by Academy Award nominee SAMANTHA MORTON

A virtual reality journey through the strange world of your developing senses;

sight, sound, touch, taste & smell.

Directed by BAFTA Award winning BDH IMMERSIVE



Wonderful You is your story – a journey through your epic first 9 months of life in your mother’s womb. As you grow from a tiny cluster of cells to a fully formed baby, the five senses that will shape your destiny – sight, sound, touch, taste and smell – develop and form, connecting you to the world around you.

Wonderful You plunges you into the expanding sensory world of your unborn self.  Safe in the womb, you hear music in your dreams, you taste what your mother eats, you see sunlight and colour, your hands grasp what they touch. But long before those senses come into play, your sense of smell is painting you a detailed olfactory picture of the outside world. This why smell, more than any other sense now has the power to transport you through time and space……….

With original music composed by Timo Baker, Wonderful You is an immersive, mind-blowing experience taking you back to a time and a place all of us have visited, but none of us can remember.


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