9 months in the making

Wonderful You VR has taken about nine months to create and it's been an exciting journey - working with the film actor Samantha Morton, breathing life into virtual worlds with a super-talented team and being wowed by composer Timo Baker's bewitching score.

The story of your life in the womb is extraordinary, unexpected and revealing. New research discovers more every year about the amazing processes at work in this previously unseen world.

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We'll also introduce some of the cutting edge science behind Wonderful You - how we know what we know about the first nine months of life from conception to birth.

Huge thanks to the production team; Dan Elston, James Pollock, Dr David Barker, Honor Peters, Alix Briskham, Sam Vickery, Aaron Hicks, Steve Bell, Mike Sadd and Rob Hifle.

John Durrant, Director. bdhimmersive.com